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My TOP Covet Fashion Looks and Tips

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We feel exasperating that we don’t know and what makes us get addicted to this game. Or maybe we have allowed Sydney to play on behalf of us in our account and her garments always used to get more likes and win everyone’s heart. And we started thinking Sydney is just 5 years old and we are well grown up so definitely our fashion sense should be better than her.
So in this article, we are mentioning how we have entered into the fashion and one thing which grabbed my attention towards the game is that it displays all the current trends. So those who are new to this fashion world like us, this will be the apt method to learn everything about it and also improves our skills in creating something new. So we are here to share our guidelines and opinions also our looks to all those who are new to the game since we have been playing this game for the past several months now and these tips helped us to get more scores.

Guideline #1- Do not concentrate on the rules

The first thing which we need to remove from our mind is the typical rules which one used to follow in real fashion making. Because this game is all about just converting our creativeness into a fashion. So it is not necessary to follow the fashion rules, users can just blend different colors, shapes, and patterns to see how they look in the final stage.

Guideline #2- Apply the Jet Set Tasks SEVERAL Times

This rule might be a boring one for those who are experienced persons in Covets, but we don’t mind playing the Jet Set tasks several times to score better points and in turn, it will automatically allow you to raise the level to achieve the diamonds.

Guideline #3- Perform the Series Challenges!

Series challenges mean nothing but a pack of the task which contains nearly 5 or 6 challenges that pop out in the game every day, so if users utilize them all then they can surely win the adorable gifts. Generally, the gifts will be pleasant hair accessories because they are chargeable usually in this game. So finishing the tasks and getting them is considered to be a great success.

Guideline #4- It will be better if the creative is extraordinary

We noticed that in the challenges where ever we throw things together which appears to be odd or strange made us score higher. So honestly we found the secret why our 5 years old Sydney gets more likes to her garments because she is more open-minded about their clothes and gather things together which we would not even have imagined. There is also a website where you can avail free battle points and unknown cash for pubg, try their uc and bp hack for pubg mobile on ett, we assure you that this will be your one stop solution for all your pubg needs online.

Guideline #5- Join a Fashion Community

Only now recently we came to know about the existence of Fashion house and had no idea before. After knowing it we are in love with Fashion house because we used to get opinions from other peoples before challenging any task, additionally, we can lend few things from other those who are in Fashion house which is a fabulous thing when you have lack of cash or diamonds.

Guideline #6- Get Free Diamonds

So here there is one good opportunity to earn free diamonds because this game contains some companies tie up those who help us for earning especially by shopping with them or helping them in few types of services like completing a survey. So those who are already online shoppers then this will be the best way to get extra diamonds.

Guideline #7- Your background needs to be converted into the dissimilar look

Generally, we all will have an eye capturing power when we see the contrast colors, so here when we decide to design our clothes with a high contrast background then there is a chance that they would definitely grab the people’s attention and automatically it will result in more number of voters. Those who are voting will not see all the parts of the outfits they will just take only a few minutes to see the overall look. So if you maintain a dark background then your outfit can be in the white or light colors. So it is always good to design which will pull the eyes of those who view them to score more benefits.

Guideline #8- Give importance to color combinations

So we learned this since we got our colors and style estimated a few weeks back. Generally, we blend colors to match the skin and makeup tomes so that they balance with the outfit as well. So we feel that by doing so the look appears more unified and visually appealing. So we have noticed the improvement in our score levels after giving importance to the combinations of colors.

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Finally, we are at the end of the article, these are all the tips which we found useful so that others will be benefited too, there are several other tips which may be known by people who are playing it for years, but we are not having the patience to wait till that. So if you all find any other tip which will be benefited for others then please do let us know by sharing them through the comment box.

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