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Lecture series Film analysis revisited: Reading Cinema and Society

26 februari 2024, 19:30–25 maart 2024, 21:30
Lumière Cinema, Bassin 88, 6211 AK Maastricht Laatste wijziging: 23 februari 2024, 12:26

Everyone’s a critic! And why shouldn’t they be? In a culture filled with stories and images, we are constantly asked to decode, deconstruct and negotiate meaning. As the most popular visual medium of the 21st century, cinema is especially sensitive to discussions relating to its role as an arbiter of truth and a conduit for ideology. Since it not only records, but mostly represents the world, every aspect of a film is a small reordering of the world, in a way. These artistic choices have consequences for what is deemed truthful, aesthetic and even moral within society, raising questions of whose right it is to tell which type of story – and for what reasons. After all, in the world of cinema, nothing is ever what it seems.

This five-part lecture series (the first lecture has two parts) provides a toolkit for how to read film as both an art form and a mass medium of communication. Departing from five societally relevant and topical themes, we’ll delve into how cinema intervenes in political debates. Besides learning how to analyse films based on a set of complex and ever-expanding parameters, we’ll also pay special attention to how the discourse on film analysis has shaped our ways of seeing.

Themes individual lectures
1. Introduction & Screening Sexualities (26 Feb)
2. Violence (4 Mar)
3. Ecology (11 Mar)
4. Historiography (18 Mar)
5. Borders and Migration (25 Mar)

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Costs of the whole series
UM students €10 / UM employees and students for other schools €25 / Others €50

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